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About Us
A World Wide Supplier Of Quality Ingots
Reliable Aluminium Secondary Ingot Recycling Plant
MT Per Year
Incorporated in 2002, from its humble beginnings, Intech Integrated has come a long way from the initial set-up of 5 employees to the current team of more than 120 employees.

Production activities from a single plant operating in a 3-cycle rotation shift had been upgraded with an additional plant and work shifts. Production in both plants, which is fully operational for 24 hours per day with a production capacity of 2000MT per month, is closely managed and supervised by a dedicated and highly experienced team. Successful coordination is further strengthened with the advanced technology and collaborations with partners in China and Taiwan.


We Have Both The Expertise & Technical Capability To Offer High Quality Aluminium Alloy Ingots

With more than two decades of experience, Intech Integrated has won the trust of major clients in the local and international market including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesian and Hong Kong amongst others.

Equipped with highly advanced production facilities and well-trained employees
Our clients can be assured that the expectation and requirements of the supply of ingots will be met
Intech Integrated recognizes the importance of quality in both products and services and hence, we strive to improve continuously to excel in both

Our Core Values

Integrity is the essential foundation of a business to be successful and sustainable. Doing right things in all circumstances as a core value, Intech Integrated strives to ensure that integrity continues to guide our business and production operations and that compliance is central.
We do not compromise on quality. All our production processes follow stringent industrial requirements and principles. In Intech Integrated, effective processes are used to harness this guiding principle to ensure our clients are getting the top quality products from us.
Each of us is responsible for our words and actions. Accountability bolsters our company’s culture by breeding trusts and hence increases productivity.
Diversity and Inclusions
Intech Integrated works towards consistent practice of the Company Philosophy and continuous improvement in the level of our products and services. By listening to our clients and partners, together we explore the possible options and optimize the outcome for greater success.
Recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing aluminium from raw materials. Without compromising on possible danger and pollution to the environment, we assure that our dust collection and disposal system is effectively operated at all times in compliance with the government regulations.